try snare drum distortion in SX!!! plus snare reverb.

Aug 19, 2005

  1. infinit

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    I was just thinking "man, this is a forum that should help people with production and all I ever do is pseudo-theoretical music philosophy in my threads:teeth: - so I wanna talk about something everyone could use":

    put the Overdrive distortion in the SEND (!) fx on the snare channel, and mix it in a bit (in my case, SX 1, where you have the send fx on the right side when you click on the track, mix in with the blue line just as minimal as your mouse resolution lets you). the Rock preset works fine. this way, you can give it enough (low mid/high lows) punch.
    same with bassdrum, just a different setting - this time, to give it a nastier kick.

    don´t know if anybody has mentioned it before.

    plus, a reverb setting: send a completely lowcut snare (cut at 2kHz or higher, maybe much higher, depends on your snare) to your reverb, choose a gated (strong) reverb, very (!) short tail, and delay this signal - not an echo effect, I mean the "delay" parameter in your reverb settings... choose the time that it rhyrhmically fits to your snare (if it´s a 2 step pattern, this works very good). it should sound something like a second somewhat reversed snare in between your main snare. mix it in just that you miss it when it´s not there.
  2. Rmonkey disMember

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    Good advice sir!

    Also, if you happen to have a Novation synth, they have a reverb called Gated Reverse which works nice on a bus too. Supernova II is good for this because it has an audio input. I'm pretty sure you could get similar results from Enverb.. i actually think there's a preset on it that would do this.

    Ran into a gushing post of yours the other day, sorry I havent been in touch - i did ping you a few pms after you went home but to be honest Ive only been paying DOA a bit of attention for the last few years. Found the photos from Mo'fire shoot the other day.. comedy gold I must say! Hows tings in sunny austria?
  3. infinit

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    :twothumbs: pm me your email adress! that was the first London visit for me, man, classic!!! been there every years ever since (sometimes twice a year). love it. building a recording studio at the moment, and that´s why I´m out of money but relatively happy:teeth: I´ll send you some tunes, forget the old shit:teeth:

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    nice tip :thumbup:
  5. 1010DATA1010

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    Thanks man, I'll give it a go on Banana Bomb tonight.. that might be what I needed to do to it!

    - Data.
  6. DisasterDrummer

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    i just got a desk so i can run multiple outs from my midi drum kit to cubase. using overdrive + tube distortion on the snare channel, with tube distortion on all the other channels + some multiband compression on the whole kit. it sounds really fat. its fun to play drums when you hear what youre playing post processing.
  7. aquarius

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    To do this you obviusly have to seperate kicks, snares etc on seperate tracks. Out of interest, do you like do your breaks first then seperate them or seperate them first. I usually have my hats on a seperate track, but find it a bit easoer and quicker to lay down the main beat on 1 track.

    Is there any chance of saying how you go about laying your breaks down, as thats the 1 aspect i struggle on most and am always looking for new ways to work.

    Thanks for the tips about the fx track aswell, never really used that,

  8. spaceman Guest

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    good tips.

    in sx1 hold shift while dragging, should help a lot!

    thats one thing i hated about sx1, you have no resolution with the send level, been fixed from sx2 upwards though.
  9. Tagio

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    i like these tips. i like using guitar rig as a send for drums. it tends to mangle the audio way too much to be an insert but it makes some good noises as a send.
  10. infinit

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    well, I have a slightly uncommon way of making drums (maybe because I´m 1. a drummer for 15 years 2. not very patient):
    1. load Kontakt, each drumpart (with drumparts I mean the individual pieces of a drumkit, f.e. snare/bassdrum/hihat&cymbals/percussion/oldschool or funk break to layer) gets an instrument... I load as much different samples in each instrument as I like, until I have various layers of drumsamples in each instrument, enough hihats and cymbals and ghostsnares etc. to keep variation through a whole tune...
    2. each drumpart gets a track in SX (SX miditrack snare -> Kontakt instrument snare, etc).
    3. doubleclick to make events and just set those funky MIDI notes and give it a go (in this stage, only processing I do is just basic lowcutting the breaks, like amen etc, that it doesn´t clash with my bassdrum)...
    4. after thewhole tune is finished arrangement wise (the creative part) and after all sounds are layed down, just before the mixdown stage (which is just a few corrections here and there, I try to do everything when tracking synths, not keeping too much fx and processing for the mixdown stage), I am processing the drums - sending each track out of the box and process it individually. sometimes, the drumgroup gets sent out again.

    that´s how I do it.

    I always forget that, but didn´t know it works with the blue send level bar as well... thanx!
  11. aquarius

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    Thanks a lot infinit,

    Thats a great bit of help, cheers
  12. dionysus

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    thankyou ohh wise one,...may you have a thousand blessings and a day of divine inspiration.
  13. World Renowned

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    cheers gonna play around with some of this stuff tonight