Track Um / Ah - Alphabets [2011]

Sep 1, 2011

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    my first release.
    full title is: Um [mystic nonsense on the radio waves coming out of the dark] / Ah [she is not divine]

    ah, hm. i'm not very used to writing about my music, so uh - here goes. this is an album made mostly in my room during the late hours of the night / early hours of the morning. i don't express my emotions in a vocal form nearly enough and so this album is sort of a big release of everything i've felt / a recording of my mindstate over the course of the past year. i started teaching myself about music one year ago almost to the day and so, to me this a big marker, an important mile-stone. the first half of the album documents the lighter side of the emotional spectrum and is filled with more floaty, dreamy beautiful pieces whereas the second half contrasts that with a group of tracks that were made during the days i felt most despondent. weed or psychedelics probably make this album more enjoyable.

    heavily influenced by the books, odd time signatures, people with hoarding problems and weed.
    this is an album about human loneliness, depression and having a good time while high.
    i envisioned this shit to be a bit more smooth, oops.
    ah, i knew i forgot something... this album sounds 100000000000x better in headphones. it's an album made for an intimate listen / i'm too poor to afford speakers so everything is made / mixed for headphones.

    if you like what you hear, there's probably more at
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    Since Sep 1, 2011
    bumpin. any feedback?