V.A - Missing Fragments - Absys Records Digital [ABSDIG006]

Apr 23, 2012

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    RELEASE DATE : 23rd APRIL 2012


    01. Es.tereo - Between Time
    Written & Produced by Max Hock
    02. Eschaton - Andromeda
    Written & Produced by Chris Wright
    03. Seathasky - Nine To Five
    Written & Produced by Matthew Centonze
    04. SGNL- Hit The Deck
    Written & Produced by Bryan P Johns
    05. Rawst - Sunken Ruins
    Written & Produced by Eryk Otlewski
    06. Mauoq - Intruders
    Written & Produced by Mauro Campana
    07. Gookie - Cosmos
    Written & Produced by Keith Clucas
    08. Reborn - Round Square
    Written & Produced by Nikolay Sunak
    09. Scale - Main Advice
    Written & Produced by Patrick Krause

    Absys Records presents deep music release, compilation signed with the mysterious title "Missing Fragments". Mini digital LP brings again fresh wave on the label where U are able to discover new artists who deliver essence of deep drum and bass music. Beautiful journey into kosmo:nomic space, between solar system and time proves mystical theory of love infinity to music. Massive team from Italy, Germany, Poland, Belarus, UK, USA and Ireland make this project more special and exceptional. Welcome to join the kaleidoscope of "Missing Fragments", where the vibe perfectly fits into your perception of the world of musical puzzles and where the sound reality lost own behaviors.


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    cheers mate :smile:

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    Diggin the tracks by Eschaton, Scale, Gookie and Rawst especially, but this is quality all round !

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    thank U Mr Subtle :smile: