Vengence samples taking the piss...

Feb 27, 2012

  1. Audiologist

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    Seen this on another forum... I'd heard they sampled straight from tracks but, you'd think you'd at least buy the track your sampling... ruthless!

    sorry if report, havn't searched
  2. Philanthropy

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    not heard any of the tunes in that list so i can't say shit, but sure that must be a fake?
  3. Ibunshi Mpc Pilot

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    i got a few vengeance samples, got them from here i think actually.. And i have seen those tags too.. Not surprised, they have probably just selected a hit, cropped it and then saved, not realising the tags were still there :laughing:

    Very easy way to make a sample cd i guess.
  4. joemaki

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    why do you think every single vengence pack sounds the fucking same
  5. techskunk Banned by DOA

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  6. mr meh

    mr meh
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    good job most people dont pay for their vengeance sample packs then lol
  7. joemaki

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    theres a vengence club essentials 4 coming out soon as well that's going to be a laugh especially because there's a dubstep section in it as-well now
  8. SquirrelTamer

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    Everyone pirates the sample cd's anyway. But yes it's been on every other forum at least 10 times, including here and including the Vengeance forum where there's a decent explanation of these tags for people who do search.
  9. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    was gonna call bulshit on this because I havn't seen any wav files contain metadata before (never looked for it TBH) but then I have the original vengence CD so I bothered to check, and its all there.

  10. Synergist discodiscodiscodiscodisco

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    Did nobody tell you about RIFF-WAV?
  11. Haskins

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    You can find leftover metadata in some Vengeance packs every now and then. See posts in other forums for example:

    Also on a side note, their fame is quite weird considering they sound like they do. I mean, I could prolly get better quality samples if i were to record drums from a damaged 8 betamax cassette with a cheap mic in a subway station.
  12. thesamuel

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    thats why i buy the bhk sample pack. :teeth:
  13. jayjaybee

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    some of the vengeance samples are mp3's converted back into wavs. they probably download the tunes from youtube to sample, chop out the drums then convert to wav.

    some proppa gems in there though, just gotta sift through the crap.
  14. Deevision aka BEEPO

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    Oh yeah i got a snar e from Britney Spears :twothumbs:
  15. polymass

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    Working on a sample pack 100% self recorded and synthesized. Shameless self plug - But I can tell you it's pretty unique ;)

    The trick for me was to treat the samples as if they were in a mix already.

    Vengeance samples are, let's face it, pretty nice. Mostly because of all the processing that was already in place from the song they ripped it off.

    I emulated this, but without the dodgy cuts. No unwanted hi hats and crashes. No cowbells in the background ;)
  16. BHK

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    Such practices are all over the place in the sample biz, if you bought these packs and feel cheated i would send them a mail and let them know about. Who knows, maybe they get a license from these artists and sample pack company's. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i never heard about any copyright issue in the past because of this.

    Look, in reality when you purchase a sample pack, you pay for the work the producer had to make these samples, and for nothing else. See it as a service. All other is more than less a big bubble.

    So be it all is made from scratch or searching for usable bits in any allowed tunes, its still work you don't have anymore and it helps you to focus more on the musical part of producing.
  17. dontworry

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    false. we here at the grid need to spend more time on the secret vst plugins skrillex uses to get his bass sounds :twothumbs:
  18. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    no, no one ever did. I hold you responsible. why didn't you tell me before you bastard!
  19. djlouisb

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    Haha! :)

    God forbid anyone should forget about what other producers techniques are and what samples they use! This could result in people actually creating something with character and personality... then the scene is doomed!
  20. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    i don't really know how people can use vengeance snares, they sound like whitenoise converted to 64kbs mp3 with a limiter and exciter over them.
  21. Flipvert

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    see here in quick easy steps due to the rather funny Rankin

  22. kajiotaku BXBL

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    Wouldn't setting unison to ten voices but not turning on detuning or panning just be like having it render ten voices, stack them, and in the end do nothing but make it louder? :smashed:

    I keep seeing this done and I think that maybe I'm wrong but holy shit it sounds so useless when you can just, I don't know, turn up the damn volume knob and save your CPU.
  23. puzzlefactory

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    No, it's not the same as just turning up the volume. The timbre of the sound changes and it does get a bit fatter even without the detune. In fact, I find that if you turn the unison up to about ten voices and detune them, that's when the sound becomes unusable. It just becomes a big phasing saw pad thing...

    As for the Vengeance samples, I still use them and they do sound good, especially the kicks. I agree that the snares can some times be a bit shit, but with a bit of patience you can often find a few that when layered together sound good.

    I had heard stories about them being lifted from records but never thought it so blatant as this. He must have licenses from the artists though. His older sample packs have been around so long now that he would have been sued for copyright infringement by now, if he didn't have the licenses for them.
  24. TheRoary

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    ..It's funny because it's true.
  25. Ibunshi Mpc Pilot

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    unison can mean more than one thing.. maybe slightly detuned voices, maybe the waveform cycles doesnt start at the same time, maybe the stacking of different waveforms, panning etc etc
  26. Synergist discodiscodiscodiscodisco

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    If he took the trouble to licence each sample (which would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming), he would take the time to write "sample used under licence from <xyz label>" for each one. No licensing information? No licenses. He's just hoping nobody notices.
  27. Synergist discodiscodiscodiscodisco

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    Ewun makes all the nice Skrillex bass sounds.
  28. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    I know the guy who does the Vengeance packs - excellent producer and one of the only people I'd hand money over to for samples.

    I think anyone in dance music who'd dream of suing over a snare drum or hihat would be committing a space/time imploding act of hypocrisy. Any drum he's sampled has been lifted from somewhere else anyway - a label can't sue for theft of previously stolen and undeclared items. All producers and labels live in this glass house of uncleared samples that so far exceeds anything sample pack manufacturers could pull off.
  29. puzzlefactory

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    That would be the secret Virus OS and the secret sample packs that aren't sold to the public and make up 80%-90% of Skrillex's tracks? :teeth:
  30. puzzlefactory

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    I've actually bought the Vengeance packs myself (I know a lot of people just pirate them) and I really like them and use them for layering over other samples such as the BHK packs.

    I remember when I first bought them I actually read the license agreement and the one thing that stands out in my memory is that they can't be used for library music. Now does that mean "sample library" or library music for T.V/film? Because, sync licenses are the most lucrative means of earning off of a track nowadays so, not allowing library music in that sense is a bit of a kick in the nuts!