well that's pretty sad... Moving Shadow RIP

Oct 28, 2007

  1. MiL0

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    did a search and didn't see anyone mention this but:

  2. Terpsichore

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    What was the last release?
  3. MiL0

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    yeah that's the thing - not too sure really...

    I guess with artists like Dom & Roland, Omni Trio, EZ Rollers, etc all doing stuff on other labels or quitting dnb it isn't/wasn't quite the same label it once was.
  4. Mesia

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    last MSXEP was New World Order 2 and the last single was the Cold Fresh Air remix, according to RDB
  5. rjp

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    oh well, good on moving shadow! had been an awesome label over the years, at least it won't turn shit now :spliff: unlike metalheadz
  6. Ichigo

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    Wasn't it that horrible Photek remix of Lord of the Null Lines ?
  7. Taaki

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    did you say metalheadz?:eek: , oh we seem to have a very different view of quality control then....
  8. Afektz

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    calyx :puke:
  9. rjp

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    yeah I did, but taking the piss, theres good new stuff and old stuff I dislike. Perhaps Virus would have been better :teeth:
  10. LeifOines Senior Membrane

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    probably for the better :fire:
  11. trespass father jack

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    If that label put out repulsive music for the next 20 years, I'd still have a massive amount of respect for them.

    If shadow isn't going any more... it's one of the rare occasions where it isn't sad. Those dudes put out music that has been life changing for so many people.

    Their first release came out when i was 5 years old and I love that record label as much as any old skool moaner ;)


    Take me up! :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:
  12. Future One Heavy Duty

    Future One
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  13. ste667 Dog #4096

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    all about paying our respects in the Moving Shadow room at Primal on Boxing Day then :fire:
  14. Wozowski When I say 'el' you say 'boh'.

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    Fuck me. :eek:

    Well I gottah say I respect the 'going out on top' attitude...

    ...but it says a LOT when a playa like Rob Playford looks at D&B's future and thinks perhaps it might be becoming 'diluted'. :blue:

    Big respect to THE strongest label in hardcore/jungle/D&B. :fire: :fire: :fire:
  15. snix

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    like the primal idea though
  16. Skoobz 2D

    Skoobz 2D
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    Sad news, but it does say "at this time"...
  17. Steven C aka KOETSI

    Steven C
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    i thought they finished years ago, they certainly havent done much in ages.... big label to be respected!
  18. unterdruck

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    sensible thing to do.

    I'd imagine people would say somethig about a big void being left now, but most of the release catalog is so strong, so timeless in its nature, that this decision simply leaves a monument upon the musical landscape, an impressive and influential legacy.

    Big up to moving shadow and everyone involved in the label and its work. You have left quite an astounding impression in electronic music.

  19. garethjonesdj

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    No MP3 back cat then? :mad:

    big up Moving Shadow!!!
  20. the_ufos Banned by DOA

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    i can honestly say moving shadow, has thrown me into the dnb...

  21. Bait Hoven Enormous Member

    Bait Hoven
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    :eek: :smashed: :laughing:
  22. MiL0

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    yeah me too now I think about it actually... I remember I got a Moving Shadow mixtape with DJ magazine back in 97 sometime. I was already really into Good Looking stuff but that tape got me into the rest of the dnb scene.

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    very true, lots won't admit it though. A pretty damning assesmnet tbh
  24. Katanga El Pollo Loco

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    I grew up with Moving Shadows music, big loss to the industry if true.

    Respect to Rob and all the other shadow heads.
  25. Akzel

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    Like many, my first d'n'b vinyl was a Moving Shadow one. Hell, even my first d'n'b CD was a Moving Shadow cd!

    They had the best tunes, the best logo (imo) and was the lair of many great names that today have their own labels, etc.

    And AFAIK they were the first label to try and make their music reach their non-DJ audience with those very cheap compilation CDs, released every 6 months. They were nicely mixed and there are VERY FEW labels that can boast a complete mix CD every six months filled with great material! :slayer:
  26. Inaya Momerator

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  27. djram Guest

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    I think I have the first 12" on Movin shadow.
    Wasn't up to much audibly, but still
    RIP to one of the top old labels :thumbup:
  28. KG

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    If Rob isn't feeling things any more then its fair enough I suppose, better than to carry on half arsed, still sad though, Moving Shadow probably have got a bigger slice of collectors shelves than the majority of other labels.
  29. sonoro

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    :blue: :blue: :blue: damn....
  30. gl1

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    :script: :script: :script: