what festivals is everyone doing this year?

Mar 22, 2012

  1. DJ Void

    DJ Void
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    Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas whilst I'm in the States on my holidays
  2. Rezika 2.0 Future raver Planet saver

    Rezika 2.0
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  3. aquarius

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    :teef:Yeah man looks cool. Always liked the psy/goa sounds but didn't realise what a good vibe the partys are. we met raja ram at waveform, was mint, such a funny bloke

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  4. and roland and what

    and roland
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    Outlook. A bit sad to be missing my annual trip to Sonar but I'm sure I'll be back.


    Addison Groove
    Ben UFO
    DJ Marky
    Girl Unit
    Jamie George
    Logan Sama
    Marcus Nasty
    P Money
    Pearson Sound
    The Beatnuts
    The Bug, Flowdan & Daddy Freddy
    Zed Bias
  5. Amusiac Fxture

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    Only going to Outlook this year, can't effin wait :teef::teef::teef:
  6. aggiman

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    Looking at Besitval, hopefully that will happen if I don't go Ibiza. Badly wanna go to Bloc but nobody I know will be down for that
  7. Tube Jerk

    Tube Jerk
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    Sgp is the only uk one I'm gonna go to. The really decent ones are all on the mainland, starting with Freekuency in Portugal next Friday which will be completely amazecunt.
  8. CookMeFood

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    Last year I hit up WEMF and Basscamp, played sets at side stages of both, had a great time. This year I'm heading to the UK for the first time for Bangface, looking forward to a wild time. I have Memorial weekend off, so I might go back home for the Detroit festival again, but might save money, stay put and just end up at the beach just the same.
  9. Dave Roberts Amen Bizness Seen'

    Dave Roberts
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    Wouldn't encourage going to Outlook too much these days. I've only been to one last year but even so you could tell it was only going to get worse. Met a few people who said last year was so much more intimate and full of positive vibes whereas the one we where at you could already tell things were changing. It's just blown up massive basically and everyone and their nan wants to go, therefore isn't always vibes. Could try Dimensions (killer line up this year) but again could have the same crowd from Outlook staying for that.