Why use hardware at all?

Jun 2, 2011

  1. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    Did you even read the Digital EQ Fact & Myth article which compared a ton of different digital EQs?

    Of course digital will sound better. But when? In 20 years? 30 years? Maybe quantum computing will have taken over before it happens. Right now it's all academic.

    Digital doesn't inherently sound like anything other than the dulling effect convertors have. Digital EQs and compressors are functional but basically sound horrible - and they all sound the same. What sounds good to people is what sounds natural - and real physics has a HUGE edge as far as that goes at present. Don't worry about it and stop talking about things you have no firsthand experience of (and probably no ear for anyway - you should find the sound of DAWs and VSTs horrible).
  2. dfault

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    I don't have much to add to this thread but this...

    I remember when digital guitar amps became popular in the 90's. A lot of people were really impressed with all the different sounds you could get out of one of those things. The problem I had with them was that compared to analog amps they didn't have that one characteristic sound that you would associate with a certain brand and model. They did a lot of things "fairly" well but no one thing "really" well.

    I think it's similar with the types of hardware we are talking about. You know that this one piece of hardware will give you a certain sound done really well and with the option of using the real thing vs. an emulation most people would reach for the real thing first. In some cases it might be too inconvenient so you would use the emulation. If you were in a studio and you had a genuine Fairchild compressor sitting in front of you and you had never used one would you opt for the emulation? Probably not.
  3. logikz Netherfields

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    i dont know its as good a question as why use a flute? i think flutes are brilliant. if your music is brutal then congratulations, hardware or not. software is expensive though and ill meet you in a ricefield wind blowing in my hair.
  4. Kizza

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    See this here, what you said?

    That's actually what assholes say. You don't know me, what I've done, experience I've had. You're basing this on nothing and attempting to tell me what I should find horrible :smashed:

    If you're going to act this way in regards to me, I can only imagine the conclusions you've made in learning about audio. You might be safe from public scorn behind your aliases but just know that you actually said this to another person which means you're an asshole and will be until you realise this is not how you interact with others. No point talking to you anymore, done.
  5. Feeding Cone cuntsmasher

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    You realize that this guy has been doing this over the best part of a decade over dozens of aliases, right? Don't feed the trolls, every extra word typed in response to him is losing. He has some type of bizarre anti-computer complex, it's almost a religion to him. Not to mention, he doesn't even make music. Here's an example of programmers and developers tearing his shit apart.
  6. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    You've been doing it longer, coner

    There's not a single audio professional on KVR - it's the most tragic modern incarnation of the model train enthusiast I've ever come across. Glee and shovelling pound coins out of their pockets at the prospect of getting a new compressor (i.e. a new GUI for the same compressor we've had repackaged 10,000 times). Not a piece of music to show for any of it
  7. Pyro

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    its generally pretty funny to watch you 2, there's something about this topic that gets swift extra riled up but you also tend to get a bit over passionate when it comes. kinda like me in mac vs pc debates :teeth: bit of overzealous passion towards your craft is probably a good thing :twothumbs:
  8. alkor

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    at this point, summing boxes step into the game imo, 40+ ins and a neumann amp in a 1U case isnt that bad, total recall itb