Yamaha HS80M Monitors

Apr 9, 2012

  1. decoy

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    Since Jun 16, 2001
    Anyone got any experience with these ? I've only heard great things about them so far and know a couple people who have ditched their considerably more expensive Mackie 824s for them.

    Strongly thinking about picking up a pair but wanted to see if anyone here had had any negative experiences with them as they almost seem to good to be true based on the price to performance ratio :spliff:
  2. emre_k

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    Since Mar 22, 2012
    i've used yamaha 80's and mackie 824's both. ideally i'd want to use yamaha's as a secondary reference set for mixing cause its sometimes easier to spot misakes on them compared to mackies. but they arent very pretty sounding and i wouldnt want to use them for long periods (like listening to actual music etc.) also yamaha's are a bit bass-light compared to mackie's.

    mackie's on the other hand sound absolutely fantastic although sometimes its easy to believe you did a great mix and get so-so results on other systems.

    clearly you can adapt both situations, and considering the price yamaha's could be a decent buy but i dunno, i wouldnt ditch my mackies to get yamaha's at least :D

    so yeah, thats my 2 cents.
  3. SawFunk

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    Since Apr 6, 2012
    ive got a hs80 myself and i really do like it(hope to get another soon)! very honest sound and yh i agree they arent very pretty to listen to compared to the mackies or krk etc, but thats not what i wanted in a reference speaker !
  4. andycraze

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    my experience with the hs80 are that they lack mid and high frequencies if compared to their little sisters the hs50, i found the low end to be based on the reflex system rather than the speaker itself so not as defined as on krk

    so before you get a pair i would say try them out against your mackies, instead on the hs80 i personally prefer the sub hs10w with a set on hs50 with the low cut on

    hope this helps :twothumbs:
  5. polymass

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    There's smaller (5 inch etc) options by ADAM in that price range. And for a little more Focals CMS series. 5inch is fine in most home(studio) situations.

    Audition between them and the Yamahas in the store if you can.
  6. directmusic Direct

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    Since Aug 7, 2009
    I love my HS80m's! They are the best purchase I have ever made. I use them daily to listen to music and for my production. My mixes come out great when mixing on these. They have amazing mid and high detail!
  7. Rollcage

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    Listened to them when I got my current monitors. Much better than my old Alesis but no where near as detailed as the Adam A7X (which I ended up buying) or the Genelec 8030s.

    Can't complain for the money though!
  8. joemaki

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    ive managed to pick up a pair of the h50s second hand for 100 quid well chuffed :teef:
  9. mehta

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    I bought a pair 2nd hand for $125

    dry and clinical compared to the vintage hi-fi equipment I prefer for listening, but they are detailed and transparent enough for mixing imo
  10. decoy

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    Since Jun 16, 2001
    Hmm not sure if i want a pair of monitors which are gonna give me ear fatigue if i use them for long periods of time, my hearing is already pretty fucked in one ear and i also would want to be using the monitors to generally listen to music through as well...

    budget is about £400-600 (need to be active ideally), suggestions for alternatives ?
  11. LiamJ

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    the hs80s aren't any more fatiguing than most other speakers tbh. They are a bit more "dry", but are a great set of speakers for the money. I personally prefer the hs50 + sub setup myself, but the 80s are great to work with.
  12. Momentumdnb

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    there is a weird dip in the frequency range in them, at somewhere between 100-140 hz, but I blame my room acoustics instead of the speakers.

    I'll say one thing, they sound great and my middle and upper frequencies are always where i want them when referencing on other speakers after using them for mixes at home.

    Bass is where the are a bit weird for me, I will have to go through trial and error before I get it right. With that said, I know WHERE they are problematic so I can usually take that into account.
  13. directmusic Direct

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    Since Aug 7, 2009
    I have never noticed a dip, but my room isnt too good so I may have assumed it was my room. The bass has always seemed very tight and clean with no noticeable dips.
  14. Krazyjuice

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    every speaker has their 'thing'

    i use the hs80m monitors with no sub (doesn't need a sub imo)

    like any other speaker, once you get used to them they translate well. some people say to adjust the switches in the back but i like them at the standard flat un-boosted/cut setting just fine.

    never noticed a dip in that range but i have noticed that a lot of what is above that range is pretty harsh and can fatigue over longer periods of time

    one thing about them is they are extremely good at pointing out bad compression just thought i'd throw that out there
  15. cosmology

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    The 50s were the most detailed speaker I heard by far when I was at the shop buying my speakers. Those with the yamaha sub would be a great speaker set up I reckon.