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Inaugural DOA Poker Tournament Champ, from Queens (the best borough)

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    1. CookMeFood
      ah word. i just got back from doing some community service in brooklyn :P
      haven't been to bisco in like 3 years- probly not going this year either, but when i saw primus is doing vibes this year i thought i'd have to make a priority to get down there for their performance at least.
      you hit many of the NYC events, or play out there? got a name i would recognize from there? seems like you've been on here a while.
    2. CookMeFood
      saw you post about going to bisco, you in the northeast? i'm in hartford..
    3. Uncle Brett
      Uncle Brett
      hey man, thanks for the advice on bk. i have a google doc i've been sharing with some people i know up there to get more info on potential neighborhoods and whatnot. if you have the time i'd appreciate it if you could drop some more info in there. if you're open to it, drop me your gmail and i'll share the doc. info/advice on anything would be really helpful
    4. vdubjb
      Dan Ashcroft aka Rob is coming to NYC. Dunno if your around the last week of March, but he's keen for a mini DOA/EOTAD link up. Let me know if you're up for it.
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    Queens (the best borough)