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    1. DJ Roo
      DJ Roo
      apologies for the double post on the board while waiting moderation
    2. Metalheadz100
      Hello, can you help? Why when I look at DOA forum are the threads last message first? They show in revers order, e.g. the original post is always the last message on the last page and I'm reading every thread backwards. Can I change this somehow so it's the right way round?! :)
    3. djneurosis
      Don't worry. Looks alright now.
    4. *Missrepresent*
    5. Daggs
      Hey, my friend is trying to register a forum username on DOA. He has registered "Inflect Bristol" but the confirmation email was never sent. The email address is correct and has been receiving other emails from DOA. He cannot find anywhere to resend an activation email. Can you help please?

    6. RawnFilthy
      hey moderator, I have posted my mix "Physics of the Soul – Liquid Drum & Bass April 2012 Mix" In the showcase board. 4 times by mistake.. If i want to edit it, it just post it again and again.. So it is not really my mistake bacause i just want to try to fix this. But I can't remove them.. So my question is: Can you please remove them. Thanks!! RawnFilthy
    7. Laroque
      aNyWaY you can sticky my thread on my ep,,first release in ages thanks thanks
    8. bliprock
      hi there. I am a noob here. So I am allowed a dumb question right? just one! Love the site and have read a fair bit. I see that the showcase board is of people sharin sets ect. What about if i want to share one track for feedback ect? is that the right board to post in. Or is there a noob thread i cant see, or a noob thread for people who just joined and want to show there skills, or lack of? ok its more than one question i know. But i dont want to annoy or do anything wrong. So please point me in right direction, that would be great if you could.
    9. Thomas88mono
      Hello, can you please accept my topic ? It's for my official website opening. Thank you.
    10. significance
      ez courier,

      do you remember the pic you had in your sig with the hexagonal light effects? would you be interested in licensing/selling it? it's for a cool cause... if so can you hit me up dan

      Hope all's good,

    11. djsain
      Ah yeh that seems quite a stable relationship! Were only a year but were mid 20's now so not got too many concerns. Jesus, Money. Yeah. Missus has me on strict saving plan, i'm getting there! how much you looking to take? My aim is 10k... Reckon I can hit it by January...Hence why my Adidas retro stuff is going up on ebay!
    12. djsain
      Sup man,

      I'm looking to do the same thing from January, with the missus too...How long you been together? do you worry about going with her?
    13. courier
      lol - sorry no idea why
    14. K-Tech
      Why would you neg me brah :(
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    Dec 11, 1910 (Age: 106)