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    1. EliTheGreat
      Hows it going mate
    2. thesamuel
    3. valis
      Sadly I only have mod powers which allows me to see some of your private messages and edit/close/move Grid threads. If this is still a problem report some of your pm's and I'll respond to the alerts that are generated in the admin forum.
    4. valis
      I understand what it's like, just make the guy hang himself so we can eliminate that particular account
    5. valis
      I dropped AlteredNation a pm to control his behavior, what you do outside the forums with this guy is your call but if you show a bit of restraint and let him hang himself he'll walk into a banning imo. Don't take this the wrong way, this guy is clearly out of line. Just making sure you don't let him bait you into making it look like you're both at fault :)
    6. Full Clip Audio
      Full Clip Audio
      Hey man, I never saw your message! I literally just clicked on my profile for the first time since the change over and saw that there was a message option added!!!! Hit me up on AIM FullClipAudio or email [email protected] and I will help if you still need it. Sorry about that!

    7. SK23
      hello man
      i need your help!! for 2 stuff!
      1) I worked with already started Electro-Pop project (with a contract with a big label).
      I make some drum parts of 2 song, a entire part of drums of 1 song and i pre-mixed all these 4 song (not final mixed). they want to reward me writing what I did on the album, but what is the right word? co-producer, arranger, supervisor, sound engineer. they would use for them "composed by" and for the studio technician "mixed by". And for me?
      2) i need a suggestion for a good microphone for this project i speaked you about.
      for a girl voice. the price range, from 200$ to 400$ (best if you could suggest me some models).

      i really thanks you in advance, i hope you have time to reply!!
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