Any not working cru atm?

Music Discussion | Aug 16, 2009

  1. Maze



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    applied to loads of stuff.

    There doesnt seem to be anythin at the moment :grumble:
  2. Zute Registered Loser


    Zute Registered Loser

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  3. a_5mith 35hz


    a_5mith 35hz

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    I've given up looking... :cry:
  4. messsingh



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    It is rubbish out there and my father spent ages applying for jobs in his field and other areas where he thought his skills were transferable.

    He is 62 so it was much harder for him but I told him to talk to a few agencies and he found work pretty quickly.

    Jobs are still pretty sparse but he was given a 3 month temp contract.

    You would be surprised how much crap these agencies are seeing at the moment. If you can walk in well dress, speak properly, act like a true professional, set a good impression, turn on the charm etc if you get someone decent they will sort you out.

    Applying for Admin jobs sitting at your PC will yield limited results in the current job environment.

  5. Maze



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    yeah tried quite a few stuff and been unlucky. It wasn't a good year to graduate this year i tell ya.
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