Etheric Loopz is back with his artist album. Programore is OUT NOW!

Music Discussion | Oct 10, 2011

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    Etheric Loopz - Programore (FILTER044)
    Release date: October 10th, 2011
    Genres: Electronica, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep
    For fans of: Ed Rush, Optical, Amon Tobin, Black Sun Empire, Pendulum


    It's been a while since we last heard from Etheric Loopz. He amazed us with the post-industrial single The Old Peak and dissapeared. The time has been well spent though since Programore is a visionary conceptual album, merging drum'n'bass with enough artistic attitude to make Dali run away and hide. It is totally up to you to choose if you prefer to listen to this as an artist album with (mainly) drum'n'bass or a unique way of storytelling through instrumental music. Speaking of inspiration, Programore is obviously indebted to classic Virus material and Amon Tobin, but Etheric Loopz widens his exploration of sound and structure and ends at a place where art and science meet, resulting in a future proof amalgamation of a dancefloor friendly yet intelectualy justified album. Whether he is hitting hard (Alternate Current, Function, Sun Vampire), mocking the latest trends (On Purpose) or simply following his muse (Float, Liquid Weather Channel), he completes everything with excellency, so Programore could well be a defining moment in Etheric's career.


    Very nice work indeed. will definitely present the album on my radio show. - Laurent Garnier
    cool stuff, love the dark edge running through the album. already looking forward to a replay. - Adrian BARRcode
    Loads of wicked stuff here! Full support from me!!! Will play some of these for sure! - Hexadecimal
    Another great release. Lots to get our teeth into here. Another one for the forthcoming shows. - Marc Reck
    Good stuff on this album! Some interesting experimental works and a couple of more dancefloor edged bangers. Felt like there could be more of a vocal element at times, but liking it overall. - Bob Kickflip


    Etheric loopz (Oliver Efremov) is a Macedonian down-tempo, breakbeat and drum’n’bass producer. His music is heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London, Amon Tobin and Black Sun Empire, but he also gets inspiration from the works of Jimi Hendrix and all the talented artists on the Seattle grunge scene in the 90’s. When this eclectic approach is combined with Oliver’s artistic sensibility and the power of today’s music making software, whole new horizons open and an amazing collage of sounds and noises develops.


    01. Enter The 803 Trip
    02. Alternate Current Pt.1 & Pt.2 (The Groundbreaker / Revelation)
    03. Alternate Current Pt.3 (Legacy)
    04. Function
    05. Yes, It Is A Machine
    06. Ward No. 6
    07. On Purpose
    08. Sun Vampire
    09. The Liquid Weather Channel
    10. Float
    11. Wednesday 4pm
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