Free foley / sound design samples for the grid

Production | Feb 17, 2012

  1. thundervip



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    E z dogs - thought id share some samples from my latest recording ventures as part of sound design work for uni.

    • 16 Fabric Belt whooshes
    • 16 Leather Belt whooshes
    • 14 Plaster Board whooshes
    • 11 Lanyard whooshes
    • 48 Kitchen Knife scrapes and impacts.
    • 39 Large Saucepan scrapes and impacts.
    • 20 Medium Saucepan scrapes and impacts.
    • 38 Hair Trimmer + various object samples.
    • 26 Aerosol samples.
    • 18 Hand wound drill samples.
    • 39 Hand wound screwdriver samples.
    • 27 Hand wound torch samples.

    Download > Torch.
    Download > Screwdriver.
    Download > Drill.
    Download > Aerosol.
    Download > Hair trimmer.
    Download > Whooshes.
    Download > Metal impacts and scrapes.
    Download > The Bag.

    24bit - 48kHz - and royalty free!!!!!! (only limitation is you must not sell any of the included sounds and you cant use the samples in a commercial sample instrument.)

    Some of the sounds were very quite so may have a bit of mic noise, iv done no audio cleaning as I wanted the files to be as versatile as possible for whomever decides to use them.

    Hope some of you find these useful - and il be updating my blog every month with new samples for who ever is interesting

    all these can be previewed at
  2. Wu Lala

    Wu Lala

    Wu Lala

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    big up dude, cheers for the samples.

    And well done for leaving them raw too, just the way we like em :tea:



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  4. speziale explorer


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    :thumbup: cheers
  5. thundervip



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    No worries guys, hope some of you find some use for them.

    The next lot of samples will be custom percussive sounds.
  6. Ibunshi Mpc Pilot


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    thank you!
  7. Peiratis



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    :slayer: for custom percussive
  8. underspawn



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    Some of these sound awesome. Big ups :twothumbs:
  9. Andydextruss Something


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  10. Mark C. Person of Music

    Mark C.

    Mark C. Person of Music

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    Nice one! :twothumbs: