Getting into mixing, advice needed

Production | Dec 21, 2005

  1. noginn



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    I've always wanted to mix, but never really gave it a go. Not used decks since I was 11 and had a go on my friends brothers set (He was into DnB but I never really thought about that until now lol).

    So I was wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of some websites with information like this. Or give me a few pointers.

    Good beginner set of decks?
    What exactly is needed?
    Sort of price range?
    Decent online shops for good priced equipment and vinyls?
    Hooking up with my computer, need a decent soundcard? What type of input?

    The usual newbie questions. I tryed having a search of the forums but I really don't know where to start! Feeling I'm throwing myself in the deep :)

    Thanks in advance for any help guys, much appreciated.
  2. Obie Kloak Junglist

    Obie Kloak

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    Well i started mixing with no prior experience a couple of months ago and this I got a pair of gemini TT02 direct drive with a mixer all in a package for 245 quid.
    Mine are hooked up to the computer from the mixer to the input on my EMU 1212m soundcard with 1/4" jack leads which I had to buy seperatly, ive never used any other turntables so I have nothing to compare to but I think there pretty good starters for a decent price. I got them off I also got a nice sturdy desk for them off that website.

    Ive got nearly ALL my vinyl from, there cheap and the service for me is Unbeatable, sometimes if there is a tune I want i cant find of chemical i go over to but there a little more expensive there.

    Hope this helps :thumbup:
  3. dj websta -Symbiosis-

    dj websta

    dj websta -Symbiosis-

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    Well i started off as funny as it sounds mixing froma tape deck to a turntable over 10 years ago then mixing drum and bass for 10 years. Cheap gear hmm stanton. Gemini is ok but i find their pitch always falls off and you don't really want that , thats like buying a guitar with shitty intonation. Maybe a gemini mixer. I started off Mad ghetto with a belt drive technics and some old school wodden turntable that had pitch on it. Try stanton turntables. Look for used gear for a good deal. I know someone that bought a mesa boogie guitar amp for 100 bucks through used shit from some chick who kicked her husband out and sold his shit. Look into it at least. :)



    Links Search for used technics stuff.

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    Thanks a lot for that.

    Another West Mids person I see :) I'm from near Stourbridge but usually live in Leicester at Uni. How about you?