In a Grid-dogs opinion, Whats the best hardware synth for pads, strings?

Production | May 3, 2003

  1. The X Man ICN3D, DoUCN3D?

    The X Man

    The X Man ICN3D, DoUCN3D?

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    Soft synths as well?
  2. ARB9



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    The Alesis Andromeda is pretty solid for just about everything.....if you can get your head around it.
  3. mtthwwllm Guest


    mtthwwllm Guest

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  4. dyayvyd 2-step revival 2004


    dyayvyd 2-step revival 2004

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    Softsynths wise:

    Atmosphere. Worth it just for 3 or 4 patches. Listen to the accoustic hybrid strings they'll bring a tear to your eye. 100's of other good patches as well if you can be arsed to set through them all.

    Also good: Absynth, Fm7, Rhino, Crystal.
  5. Dillusion_Man Emu Abuser...


    Dillusion_Man Emu Abuser...

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    Dcota is pretty sweet too VST wise
  6. tectonic Materia // Hidden Lab


    tectonic Materia // Hidden Lab

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    My favourites among the machines I have and use:

    Hardware: Waldorf microQ :love:

    Software: Native Instruments Absynth :love:
  7. DJFracture



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    ive always had a softspot for the Supa Nova....

    Absynth is pretty cool too.