Internet Recordings www012: Benou - "Born Ready"

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    Internet Recordings www012: Benou - "Born Ready"


    download (320 kbps mp3):

    Internet Recordings goes into 2012 with www012 by Benou, a french producer, DJ, musician and promoter coming from the french Metal and freeparty scene. He performed and released an EP and an album with the band Cubensis, released three Hardtechno 12" vinyl singles (two in 2006 and one in 2008) on Protoprod (a sublabel of the mighty french Infrabass sound system / label collective) and has also been exploring Bass Music and the DOA Grid for a while now. This is his first officially released Drum & Bass tune.

    Benou links: Soundcloud, Discogs, Youtube

    Internet Recordings links: Homepage, Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace,, Twitter

    releases on Internet Recordings:
    www012: Benou - "Born Ready"
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    www010: Sublimator - "Snore" / "2nd Try" / "Understand"
    www009: El Haijn - "Surface Of The Sun" / Apotheist - "The Darkness Inside" (El Haijn Remix)
    www008: Synode + Hench - "Sulaco"
    www007: kr4y - "Bloodshed" / "Gritual"
    www666: Zardonic + Replicator - "Ten Commandments"
    www005: Arje - "Something Better"
    www004: Paul SG - "Grey Skin" (Mefjus + Bowser Remix) / Paul Saint Jack - "Timeless" (Mefjus + Bowser Remix)
    www003: Kaiza + Shots - "Starkstrom"
    www002: Acid_Lab - "Fallen Angel" / "Nuclear War"
    www001: Mefjus - "Fugly Habits"

    Internet Recordings is a free mp3 netlabel for various kinds and subgenres of Drum & Bass and for other interesting styles of electronic (dance) music.

    Internet Recordings provides legal free music releases (= mp3 downloads) in random intervals. These mp3 downloads have catalogue numbers (www001, www002…) and a proper format including standardized file names and tags. The downloads are accompanied with file info, some basic information on the artists, links to their respective homepages or social network profiles (if available) and sometimes pictures or even artwork. However, the main focus is on music and information; the label does not even have a logo yet.

    Internet Recordings is inspired by Drum & Bass netlabels such as Plain Audio, T-FREE, Exegene (R.I.P.), HMSU, Zardonic and the free tunes provided by Santorin, BBC 1 Extra and many artists on their own…

    In our opinion, the internet leads to pretty much the end of commercial music distribution. This is because the post Millenium generation growing up with internet from their early childhood are not willing to pay for something they can also have for free… Therefore, netlabels are by default the legal music distributors of tomorrow.

    All tunes released via Internet Recordings are published under a by-nc-nd Creative Commons License with consent of their respective producers. All the tunes can be played by DJs, used in mixes & DJ-sets, radioshows, on live events etc just like regular vinyl/CD/digital releases (but without the obligation to pay royalties to copyright collecting agencies). Furthermore, they can be shared and redistributed freely.
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    well the line between reality and fiction can be pretty thin innit :teeth:
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    Herro mate, I suggest you do your research before getting smart and lecturing birds on flying :teeth:[​IMG]

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