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Production | Dec 4, 2015

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    In this post we can reference all the important threads that have been posted in The Grid so you can find them easily. If you'd like me to add to this list post (I'm sure you will) please PM me with the URL of the thread and I will be happy to add.

    NEW for 2016

    Table Of Contents (Scroll down to the appropriate section)

    1. Introduction

    The Threads Of Interest is a thread in which selected production related threads are collected in one single overview.

    Because the nature of such a collection is static, we highly encourage you to keep adding your own threads which you've found useful during your stay here.

    2. Threads Of Interest

    2.1. Samples

    2.1.1. Sample Packs

    The (entire?) old DOA Sample Swap
    Clone advanced operator sample pack
    Declassified breaks pack
    Dillusion_Man Black Dog parts 1, 2 and 3
    Dubwise sample thread
    Kapsil jazz sample pack

    See also:

    Grid Wiki free samples page
    Sample gathering websites
    Awesome Google trick to find samples on the internet

    2.1.2. Drum Breaks

    These Are The Breaks (Break ID thread)
    Common drum patterns with MP3, MIDI and Kontakt instruments
    Hattrixx breakbeat tutorial
    Recycle sucks! (Or, "different techniques for break slicing")
    The all new breaks to download thread
    Manipulating breaks - different levels of resolution
    The Tighten Up (Or, "a discussion on the significance of the drummer's groove")
    Where to chop breakbeats
    WhatÂ’s the best software for slicing beats?
    The TC Amen (Lots of Amen edits)
    The Big "Do You Quantise Your Dancefloor Beats?" Poll

    To find threads with downloadable breaks in, search for "breaks2dl".

    2.2. General

    2.2.1. Mixdowns & Mastering

    Just left a mastering session (What really goes on in very expensive mastering studios)
    Multiband compression
    Getting your overall mixdown LOUD!
    Tunes lacking *that* professional polish
    Mixdown quality and sample rates
    Good Gain Staging

    2.2.2. Music Theory

    Housy atmos and pianos
    Music theory and songwriting discussion
    The return of music theory

    2.2.3. Synthesis

    Applying Frequency Modulation to ANY Source Sound Using FM7 - Tutorial
    Synthesizing pads
    How to do C4C / Optical style bass in Kontakt
    I think I figured out how to make *FILTHY* bass! (without Kontakt!)

    2.2.4. Tips And Tutorials For Specific Software Packages

    Automation in Logic Audio (3 part series)
    Logic Tips Thread
    Max/MSP Tutorials
    The 5 Most Popular Kontakt Questions Answered

    2.2.5. Interviews / Kit Lists

    gridlok / Ryan's QA
    Dom & Roland
    RAM Trilogy

    2.2.6. Other

    Good starting set-ups for all the novice dogs
    Label database
    List of DJs and Radio shows pushing unsigned talent

    Frequency ranges and EQ settings
    Hipnotic's EQ tutorial (updated URL)

    Compression 101: Teh Basics
    The black art of setting compressors.. told here!
    Creative use of compression

    Shaping And Tweaking Sounds
    The Physics of Music
    Sound Design - creating the sounds for complex systems and virtual objects
    Formants and acoustic phonetics
    List of popular music programs

    Artistry vs. Engineering

    And its clone: Composition over Engineering

    2.3. Software

    2.3.1. General

    List of popular music production programs
    List of DJ / MP3 mixing software
    Huge list of FREE software and music resources

    2.3.2. Sequencers

    Cubase system linkage
    Cubase troubleshooting
    Logic, Cubase, Cakewalk - which sequencer is best?
    Visual Logic tutorial for the impatient
    What's so great about Logic?

    2.3.3. Sound Editors

    Celemony Melodyne
    Propellerheads Recycle

    2.3.4. Plug-ins

    Free VST plug-ins
    Access Indigo TDM
    Antares Filter
    Antares Tube
    Akai VZ8
    Akai VZ8 (2)
    Arturia CS-80V
    Arturia Moog Modular V
    Computer power/ VST survey
    E-mu Emulator 5
    E-mu Emulator 5 (2)
    Good VST EQ's
    Good VST FX'
    Native Instruments Battery/Kontakt
    Novation Bass-Station
    Novation V-Station
    PSP Vintage Warmer
    PSP Vintage Warmer (2)
    What is your favorite compressor plug-in?
    The soft synth that u use the most
    Software samplers
    Steinberg TLA EQ1 VST
    Steinberg X-Phraze
    TC Fireworks
    VST filters and basslines
    VST instrument as effect?
    VSTi recommendations
    Waves Transform
    Waves L1 Ultramaximizer

    2.4. Hardware

    2.4.1. Samplers

    The Sampler and SCSI FAQ - for all your SCSI Problems
    Akai MPC2000
    Akai MPC2000 (2)
    Akai MPC2000 (3)
    Akai MPC2000XL versus Korg Triton
    Akai MPC2000 versus Emu SP1200
    Akai MPC4000
    Akai MPC4000 (2)
    Akai S3000XL
    Akai S5000 opinions
    Akai Z series vs. Emu Ultra series
    Akai Z8 vs. Emu E5000 plus RFX
    Akai's new samplers
    Anyone own an Akai MPC?
    Anyone tried the new Akai MPC4000
    Emu ESI4000
    Emu ESI4000 vs. Native Instruments Kontakt
    Emu E4 vs. Native Instruments Kontakt
    Emu E5000 Ultra
    Emu E5000 vs. E6400
    Emu E5000 vs. E6400

    Emu E5000 vs. Yamaha A5000
    Emu E6400 Ultra CC Numbers
    Emu E6400 vs. Native Instruments Kontakt
    Emu E6400 - Default Cords Settings
    Emu vs. Akai
    Emu with SCSI
    Expansions for Emu samplers
    Getting samples into a Emu
    HALion vs. EMU
    How to automate an Emu E6400?
    Which sampler?
    Yamaha A4000 vs. Emu ESI2000
    Z-Plane Filters (2)
    Z-Plane filters?

    2.4.2. Studio Monitors

    The difference between active and passive monitors
    Alesis M1's
    Alesis M1's vs. Spirit Absolute 2's
    Behringer Truths vs. Spirit Absolute 2's
    Best monitor speakers under 250 quid
    Behringer Truths
    Behringer Truths vs. Tannoy Reveals
    Behringer B2031's
    Behringer Truths vs. Mackie HR624's
    Behringer Truths (2)
    Cheap but good studio monitors
    Decent cheap active monitors?
    Event PS8's
    Event PS8's (2)
    Event 20/20's
    Edirol MA10's
    Genelec 1030A vs. Mackie HR624
    HHBs Circle 5 Passives
    Mackie HR624's vs. Event 20/20's
    Mackie HR824's vs. Behringer Truths
    Mackie 624's vs. 824's (2)
    Mackie 624's vs. 824's
    Mackie HR824's
    Mackie HR824's (2)
    M-Audio BX5
    M-Audio BX8
    M-Audio Studiophile SP-8B
    Monitor advice
    Monitor advice (2)
    Monitor comparison
    Monitor placement
    Passive monitors on a 400 quid budget
    Speakers - Zero bass
    Studio monitors recommendations
    Tannoy system 600's?
    Tannoy Reveals
    Tannoy Reveals (2)
    What damages monitor speakers?
    Which active monitors are best for d&b production?
    Yamaha MSP5
    Yamaha MSP5 (2)
    Yorkville YSM1P

    2.4.3. Mixing Decks

    Analog vs. digital
    Analog vs. digital (2)
    Any reason for a digital mixer?
    Behringer MX3282A
    Digital mixers
    Digital warmth?
    Distortion in analogue/digital desks - the answers
    Experience with overdriving gain on analogue and digital mixers
    Fresh on digital desks
    Mackie 8 bus analogue versus Yamaha digital desk
    Mackie CR1604VLZ / Behringer Boards
    Mackie, Allen & Heath, Yamaha or Soundcraft?
    Mixing desks, what shall I get??
    Ray Keith on mixing desks
    Someone who really understands digital desks
    Soundcraft/Mackie mixers
    Which mixing desk within 500 quid pricerange

    2.4.4. Sound Modules / Generators

    Access Virus C
    Access Virus rackmount
    Clavia Nord Modular
    Emu Modules
    Emu Proteus 2500
    Korg MS2000 for basslines?
    Korg Triton
    Korg Z1
    Novation Supernova vs. Access Virus
    Roland Juno
    Roland MC303
    Waldorf MicroQ
    Waldorf Microwave XT
    Which Access Virus?
    Yamaha AN1X
    Yamaha DX200
    Yamaha QY70
    Yamaha RM1X

    2.4.5. Signal Processors

    Hardware Tape Echoes
    Roland VP9000
    TLA Fatman FAT-1 or EMU Audity 2000
    Tube related question

    2.4.6. Headphones

    Recommendations (1)
    Recommendations (2)

    2.4.7. MIDI Controllers

    External MIDI controller and Reason
    MIDI controllers?
    What MIDI keyboard to buy?
    Akai MPD16
    Keyboard controller recommendations

    2.4.8. Recorders

    DAT recorders
    Do you still use a DAT recorder?
    To DAT or not to DAT?
    DAT recorder versus external CD writer
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