REDNEK – They Call Me (** NEW RELEASE **)

Music Discussion | Dec 13, 2011

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    REDNEK – They Call Me

    Release Date: OUT NOW!

    Rogue Industries


    Rednek is fast becoming a name to watch in dubstep. His last release “I’m Not Skrillex” cemented his skills as a producer, as well as a visually creative – racking up over 115,000 views in a month!

    His brand new single “They Call Me” proves that there’s more to Rednek than crazy wobble bass, searing sawtooth synths and pounding drums, as he delves into his love of reggae, mixing it with his signature dubstep sound and vocals.

    The hilarious video for “They Call Me” has already gained 170,000 views in just two weeks, even getting featured on the home page of YouTube.

    You can listen to the full release here:

    To purchase:

    Radio support so far:
    Eddy Temple Morris (XFM), John Kennedy (XFM), Maryanne Hobbs (XFM)

    Video support so far:
    Flava, Dance Nation, AKA , Starz, Massive R&B, On Demand , Vox Africa, Sub TV

    DJ support so far:
    Adam F, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ EZ, Akira Kiteshi, Freq Nasty.

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