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    Hi I'm a developer of Revel Software [just to be clear and honest] which develops Breezer 2012 a sample library manager for Windows which someone here already knows it, and helped us during the beta phase.

    I write here because today we've published a blog post (available here) where we share our ideas about Breezer 2013 file tagging features, which is the most requested feature since Breezer birth.

    We're in [early] alpha stage so things could be changed and reworked if needed.

    So if you have one minute tell us what you think about the work we've done, what you want in a sample library organizer with tagging support or any other idea you have to improve Breezer.

    Then we will collect and put on a table every feedback to see how/if Breezer can change to meet user's expectations.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    P.S. More info about Breezer 2012 available here.
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