toughest pubs in britain

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  1. richard gere not actually my name

    richard gere

    richard gere not actually my name

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    just watching this on sky3 .some real rough places, been in a few dives myself over the years, not nice.

    do you have a rough pub near you?
  2. cool mr croc een bolleke alstublieft

    cool mr croc

    cool mr croc een bolleke alstublieft

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    worst dive ive been in is the hop inn at paddock wood, we called it the hop out :teeth:

    shame, lovely beer garden.
  3. semiotic erm, thingy.


    semiotic erm, thingy.

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    i think the wyndham in merthyr was on that show about 20 miles north of where i am..... cant say ive been there myself but you hear things on the grapevine. think theres a youtube vid somewhere
  4. richard gere not actually my name

    richard gere

    richard gere not actually my name

    7,746 posts
    Since Mar 27, 2002
    I went into to this pub in bewbush crawley ,can't remember the name of it. maybe it was the fact we were stoned or maybe cos we weren't locals,but yea we decided to drink up pretty quickly ,had this feeling things could kick off at any time.

    some nasty ones in bognor, the one next to the station is abit of a dive, sticky carpet ,manky tables.rough rowdy crowd.
  5. dentalis Yaaarrrgggg!!!


    dentalis Yaaarrrgggg!!!

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  6. ihsib .


    ihsib .

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    The bell on leytonstone high road

    full of old white people :eek:
  7. mkennedy680 Tacomatose


    mkennedy680 Tacomatose

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    At first glance i thought it said toughest pubes in Britain.:smashed:
    Hypothetically, if it had said that, who would own those?
  8. socks



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    your mums granny
  9. _V_ V O R Z E R O


    _V_ V O R Z E R O

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    get the fuck............
  10. Its Gomez Bitch

    Its Gomez Bitch

    Its Gomez Bitch

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    Charlies bar, Southend Seafront

    Cab driver afterwards descibed it as ".....The bar from Starwars..."
  11. Gormo Mildly Cretinous


    Gormo Mildly Cretinous

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    I'm tempted to go down peep peeps in aberdeen, but don't fancy getting my head spanged by a psychotic rigger who has only just got off shore and fancies a fight.
  12. $Willz$ .


    $Willz$ .

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    Billy Greens in Manchester is near me which is on that series and is supposed to be rough but it aint that bad, played pool there a few times.

    One of the worst pubs I encountered was the Battle Inn in Reading (nicknamed "battle inn, battle out"). It's closed now but here are some of it's reviews....

    - A truly regrettable establishment by reputation. I have been to some of the roughest pubs in Whitley and Coley where individuals flanked with brawling scars parade their love of violence. Where the landlords are proud of the bloodstained carpet and upholstery. In comparison to the Battle Inn, give me the bloodstains any day.

    - Why is this place still open? I've only drank here twice, once by accident and once because i couldn't believe it was as bad as i had remembered it. Awful place. Grim dark almost fetid atmosphere, poor beer, surly service and from what I could see of the regulars, I could tell that I wasn't in the presence of the berkshire glitteratti set. Avoid.

    - Let’s go for the review here, the beer is poor to vile, the pub actually smells, and I’m not talking flowers here, it smells unclean or soiled. I shudder to think what the toilets must be like. Apparently it does sell food, again I shudder. The regulars, or clientele, whichever you prefer don't look like ABC1 punters and can frequently be found staggering round outside the pub swearing at passers by.

    - Seriously this pub ruins the area it's in and the area will never improve until this pub is closed and preferably bulldozed out of existence.

    - What can I say about the Battle Inn, cheap if you want a late night drink and a dance without going into the town centre and you're drunk, really bad if your sober on a fri or sat night. During the day is quiet. I used to frequent every weekend due to the cheapness but i ended up avoiding a punch up every time. You can however get the local shoplifters to nick to order when they enter this place which is a unique idea.

    - Battle inn...... Battle out !!!! if ya want a good fight ......... heres ya place
  13. DONMAXIM Mixing it up since '95


    DONMAXIM Mixing it up since '95

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    That place is well rough, i went to a quiz night there once and first question was "What you looking at?"
  14. khoma



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