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Production | Mar 2, 2009

  1. EightStone



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    hey does any one happen to know the kinda prices GZ digital media in czech republic charge for 12".

    i keep reading that alot of labels from the uk use them because they press sooo much cheaper but cant seem to find a price list anywhere.

    if not any other good companys for pressing 100-500 12"s would be great help

    pease :slayer:
  2. go here

    then find contact and email.

    google is amazing :teeth:
  3. ear snot Non Stop Sherking

    ear snot

    ear snot Non Stop Sherking

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    just out of interest if you get a quote from them give us an idea how much they charge on here would ya? :twothumbs:
  4. gappylee



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    hello check us out brand new plant vinyl pressing and mastering based just outside london uk