when would i want to use the exs24 sampler

Production | Jan 27, 2012

  1. bassick boh


    bassick boh

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    instead of just dragging and dropping a .wav sample into the track?
  2. homegrownjimbob Senior Remembering.


    homegrownjimbob Senior Remembering.

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    When you want to load said wav sample in and play it on any key... plus mess with envelopes, filters, glides, lfo's etc...
  3. TheRoary



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    When you want to use its lovely filter and drive? Possibly? It's easier in Logic 9 to make sampler intruments, I think you can pretty much right click a wav in the arrange page and load to sampler. I'm still running 8 and whilst it's not too more much bother, I generally cba to use it except on RX2s. ...Did I mention the Drive? :teeth:
  4. ransom x + x +


    ransom x + x +

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    You can and it's awesome. I made the switch from 8 to 9 pretty late (this past June?), and immediately jumped on that feature.
  5. optimystic



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    i like it but to be honest im lovin camels audio alchemy for samplin recently got much better looping options ya know and plus it doubles as an extremely powerful fx/synth you can input like 4 samples and morph bbetween them or use the waveforms instead
  6. optimystic



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    but with exs24 double click on the samle youve inputted and you see the wav you can choose the sample start and loop too