Which DnB Label has the best marketing and promotion since the start of their label?

Music Discussion | Jun 20, 2008

  1. CyKosis Whos yer daddy!


    CyKosis Whos yer daddy!

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    Since Jun 11, 2002
    Im talking about still being upfront and keeping everyone in the know for all the years they've been around.

    As an example, if you compare Beta vs. Virus... obviously Beta has the upper hand. Podcasts, regular releases, etc...

    I mean, if I had to pick a couple, Id say Hospital and The Hardware Camp are still up on it. Regular releases, regular club nights, regular print ads, an online presence etc...

    I find it interesting how a few years ago, every label was pushing their business, now it just seems a few are still willing to do it and the rest are just kinda coasting along. Thats just my opinion though.

    :confused: :smashed:

  2. decoy



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    To me hospital seem to be by far the most professionally run label in dnb.
  3. luthatron \o/


    luthatron \o/

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  4. I'd say Hospital at the moment, but back in the day GLR were on top of it all, despite being run by some pricks.
  5. DJ Beaker Muppet on the decks...

    DJ Beaker

    DJ Beaker Muppet on the decks...

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    :script: definately, lifted as well i would say
  6. Terpsichore



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    Its between Hospital and Ram i'd say. Recent labels though, Lifted have shit on lock. Everything they do looks so professionally done .
  7. CyKosis Whos yer daddy!


    CyKosis Whos yer daddy!

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    Since Jun 11, 2002
    For newer labels, Westbay seem to be on the ball, DSB as well.

  8. Kharm



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  9. ossuss



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    agree alot of the labels seem to just roll on as you put it, but then there are some labels, for example Signature, that dont really need the promotion as much.

    got to shout the longstanders though, creative source and V Recs spring to mind, been putting tune out and running weekly club nights, dj'ing all over and playin the radio - for years.
  10. sinuous Sinuous Records / Inception Audio


    sinuous Sinuous Records / Inception Audio

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    Sinuous Records for underground sound !!! :death:
  11. alphabeta Banned by DOA


    alphabeta Banned by DOA

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    i think breakbeat kaos were doing well when they launched.

    on the old dnb forum i used to go on there was much hype before it even started - mainly questions about whether it was for breaks or dnb.

    im sure its was mentioned on radio 1, it got its records in decent spots in hmv and i just recall hearing about it a lot when i wasnt even connected to the internet or a member here.

    dont hear about them anymore tho, maybe thats cus im a hermit with no connection to the outside world though.
  12. Mr. Frodo

    Mr. Frodo

    Mr. Frodo

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    Since May 27, 2003
    Hospital, Defcom, Lifted.
  13. josh squash Gold Member

    josh squash

    josh squash Gold Member

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    Since Jan 4, 2007
    hospital are without doubt the tightest run dnb label...
    playaz also very tight, constant big releases and the big night at fabric
    Ram are starting to properly build an empire with sub focus, xample, chase and status and culture shock on exclusive signings from what i've seen especially as there is up coming albums fro C&S and Subfocus
  14. AndromedaISM We Tod Did


    AndromedaISM We Tod Did

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    Since Mar 31, 2002
    Hospital, Human Imprint
  15. bigsugar316 The Man Who Knew Too Much


    bigsugar316 The Man Who Knew Too Much

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    Since Dec 4, 2006
    Hospital easily.
  16. vertex



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    Since Aug 13, 2001
    hospital and ram/frequency, cause they do it with style and integrity

  17. mundos In forest.


    mundos In forest.

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    Since Aug 31, 2006
  18. couch210 That Guy


    couch210 That Guy

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    Since Dec 6, 2007
    anyone else have problems with the pressing of the vinyls on the human imprint, to me the songs seem really quiet....
  19. Attreyu The Traffic Controller


    Attreyu The Traffic Controller

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    Since Mar 17, 2005
    Hospital, Lifted
  20. Kasra All Sounds Electric


    Kasra All Sounds Electric

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    Since Jul 3, 2001
    Hospital are one of the only labels to fully grasp the concept of marketing like a "proper" record label - exclusive signings, artist albums, solid marketing concepts, strong brand image and identity.

    They deserve alot of plaudits

    Same goes for Ram
  21. jeryl Infectious PR


    jeryl Infectious PR

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    Since May 25, 2003
    very kind, we try to do what we can, as far as Hospital goes, those boys are in a different league :love:
  22. Paul_M_86 www.beatplexity.com


    Paul_M_86 www.beatplexity.com

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    Since Mar 29, 2005
    Paradox - man releases quality non stop, also artic music is a beautiful label aswell, and release coming consistently

    Bassbin - were on form a few years ago, now they slumped quite a bit. bring back bassbin!!

    metalheadz :teeth:
  23. josh squash Gold Member

    josh squash

    josh squash Gold Member

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    Since Jan 4, 2007
    Crititcal always has great artwork and a constant flow of (wicked) releases. Shogun is also great i just wish they'd do more 12"s
  24. triob0t registered in 1462


    triob0t registered in 1462

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    Since Sep 11, 2005
    btw here are some free tunes from the tilt-recordings sub label "t-free" (all legal 320' downloads):

    T-FREE045: Asphexia - "Predeath"
    T-FREE044: kr4y - "Jerk"
    T-FREE043: Stereotype - "Victory Or Death"
    T-FREE042: Violentbreakz - "Exekutive"
    T-FREE041: Kaiza feat. amex - "PsyKo"
    T-FREE040: Isotop + Shots - "Burning Identity"
    T-FREE039: Phony + Lean - "Militant Mutants"
    T-FREE038: Phony - "Gravity"
    T-FREE037: Histibe - "Microcosmos"
    T-FREE036: Tenebra - "Dominatrix"
    T-FREE035: CJ Weaver - "Steel"
    T-FREE034: Maztek - "Technologic"
    T-FREE033: NeuralNoise - "The Room"
    T-FREE032: Tamas + Violent Skillz - "Internal Fear"
    T-FREE030: Matt Domino - "Wound Circus"
    T-FREE029: Pylon feat. Yabol + Structural - "Machinery Crossing"
    T-FREE028: Dementia + NME Click - "Appendix"
    T-FREE027: Spinor - "Combustion"
    T-FREE026: Mocks - "Cycle23"
    T-FREE025: Walder - "Thalleo"
    T-FREE024: Matt Domino - "The Infernal"
    T-FREE023: Bowser - "Zerhirner"
    T-FREE022: Atom - "Medetina"
    T-FREE021: amex + Kaiza - "Team"
    T-FREE020: Soccom - "Supernatural"
    T-FREE019: Zardonic - "Driveburner"
    T-FREE018: Subrai - "Deranged"
    T-FREE017: Spherix + Bantom - "Past Tense"
    T-FREE016: WaveCut - "No War"
    T-FREE015: Pbasiq - "Hesitate"
    T-FREE014: Malsum - "Silk"
    T-FREE013: Salamandra - "Australian" (Fading Suns RMX)
    T-FREE012: Budoka - "Invisible Killer"
    T-FREE011: amex + Kaiza - "Schlontz (Der General)"
    T-FREE010: Azrael - "Breach"
    T-FREE009: D-Struct - "Out Patient"
    T-FREE008: Mind + Xeno + Error - "Abandon"
    T-FREE007: Flame - "Toys On The Moon"
    T-FREE006: Destination Unknown + Implex - "Mechanical Heroes"
    T-FREE005: Budoka - "Morphball"
    T-FREE004: amex - "Egoschwein" (amex + Kaiza RMX)
    T-FREE003: Sniper - "Kisum"
    T-FREE002: amex + Sniper - "Electrohorse"
    T-FREE001: amex - "Egoschwein"
    T-FREE-3EP025: Cyclone - "Arcanoid"
    T-FREE-3EP025: Cyclone - "Turning Science"
    T-FREE-3EP025: Cyclone - "Let's Get Ill"
    T-FREE-3EP024: Zardonic - "Acid Industries"
    T-FREE-3EP024: Zardonic - "Reliquia"
    T-FREE-3EP024: Zardonic - "Braindrainer"
    T-FREE-3EP023: Budoka - "Broken Arrow"
    T-FREE-3EP023: Budoka - "Soular"
    T-FREE-3EP023: Budoka - "On The Run"
    T-FREE-3EP022: Budoka - "Renegade Guitarz"
    T-FREE-3EP022: Budoka - "Odysee 10000"
    T-FREE-3EP022: Budoka - "Sick Boy"
    T-FREE-3EP021: Budoka - "Budo Fist Style"
    T-FREE-3EP021: Budoka - "Whiplash"
    T-FREE-3EP021: Budoka - "The Unseen"
    T-FREE-3EP020: kRoNe - "Electrical Storm"
    T-FREE-3EP020: kRoNe - "Red Moon"
    T-FREE-3EP020: kRoNe - "Cosmik Life"
    T-FREE-3EP019: Destination Unknown + Insecticide - "Boulderdash"
    T-FREE-3EP019: Insecticide + Cut - "End Of Stalker"
    T-FREE-3EP019: Insecticide - "Ladehemmungen"
    T-FREE-3EP018: Flame + XZ32 - "The Shield"
    T-FREE-3EP018: Flame + XZ32 + Atom - "Breakbone" (Flame VIP)
    T-FREE-3EP018: Tenebra (aka Flame + Lex) - "Phantoms"
    T-FREE-3EP017: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Johannes Ahlberg RMX 2)
    T-FREE-3EP017: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Johannes Ahlberg RMX 1)
    T-FREE-3EP017: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Typecell RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP016: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Zardonic RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP016: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Hi-Lar RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP016: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (D-Struct RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP015: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Flame RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP015: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Malsum RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP015: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz" (Testone RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP014: Azrael - "Fission" 2006
    T-FREE-3EP014: Azrael - "Suolile"
    T-FREE-3EP014: Azrael - "I Sul"
    T-FREE-3EP013: Pyro - "Energy"
    T-FREE-3EP013: Pyro - "Elektrik"
    T-FREE-3EP013: Pyro - "Cyborg Assasin"
    T-FREE-3EP012: Pyro - "Photon Storm"
    T-FREE-3EP012: Pyro - "4 Corners"
    T-FREE-3EP012: Pyro - "Transcendence"
    T-FREE-3EP011: Pyro - "The Outer Rings"
    T-FREE-3EP011: Pyro - "Antimatter"
    T-FREE-3EP011: Pyro - "Crossworld"
    T-FREE-3EP010: Materia - "Cordless"
    T-FREE-3EP010: Hidden Lab - "Leaving"
    T-FREE-3EP010: Hidden Lab - "Waypoint"
    T-FREE-3EP009: MRX - "Tune3"
    T-FREE-3EP009: MRX - "Tune2"
    T-FREE-3EP009: MRX - "Tune1"
    T-FREE-3EP007: Paranoise Optimal - "Subway"
    T-FREE-3EP007: Paranoise Optimal - "Porn Heat"
    T-FREE-3EP007: Paranoise Optimal - "Narcoleptic"
    T-FREE-3EP006: Destination Unknown - "Never Forget"
    T-FREE-3EP006: Destination Unknown - "No Escape" VIP
    T-FREE-3EP006: Destination Unknown - "Coordinates"
    T-FREE-3EP005: Azrael - "Viral"
    T-FREE-3EP005: Azrael - "Projection"
    T-FREE-3EP005: Azrael - "Fission"
    T-FREE-3EP004: Hi-Lar - "Prod 089 [Killswitch"
    T-FREE-3EP004: Hi-Lar - "Next Wave"
    T-FREE-3EP004: Hi-Lar - "Prod 056 [Thundergrowl"
    T-FREE-3EP003: shyzomax - "Urlust"
    T-FREE-3EP003: amex - "Good Guy"
    T-FREE-3EP003: amex - "Clavinov"
    T-FREE-3EP002: amex - "Phraser" (DNB-Mix)
    T-FREE-3EP002: amex - "Highhead" (RMX)
    T-FREE-3EP002: amex - "Dystopia"
    T-FREE-3EP001: amex - "Sein"
    T-FREE-3EP001: amex - "Laufband"
    T-FREE-3EP001: amex - "Highhead"
  25. Tube Jerk

    Tube Jerk

    Tube Jerk

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    Since Dec 17, 2003
    Hospital obviously.

    Ram try thier best but it all feels a bit PlayStation 2... kinda shabby and tasteless but still playable... and you kinda yearn for the next-generation artiness of labels like Ed Banger, Hospital, and Domino, who have a certain undefinable edge about what they do.

    used to be loads of operations like this: Internal, Junior Boys Own, Deconstruction, Creation, and Factory (obviously).

    in d&b, Shogun always made me laugh because their logo translates as "smell" or "smelly" in japanese. also found something a bit funny about Darkestral. dunno why tho. just a slightly silly name, but not silly enough to raise a smile.
  26. Momentumdnb Deconstructed Rec


    Momentumdnb Deconstructed Rec

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    Since May 18, 2005
    Hospital by a wide margin.

    After them, I don't really know.

    the classic labels (metalheadz, glr, etc..) are pretty low key now.
  27. srix Wandering Star


    srix Wandering Star

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    Since Mar 4, 2002
    another vote for Hospital. :thumbup:
  28. Consumption



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    Since Feb 13, 2003
    Freak & Offkey for the way they've made use of the internet

    Whilst most labels were still getting pissy about mp3s, Offkey set up their website and started giving away some of their stuff for free and uploading good new sets as well.

    Freak have gone a good job of standing out from the generic skull step with the way they've marketed themselves, and the regular Therapy Sessions streams and downloads are great considering the amount of DJ's who still act like pricks whenever one of their sets gets on the internet.
  29. hektik



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    Since Sep 17, 2003
    i'd love to read opinions on this issue from 2010!
  30. ocelot put stazi


    ocelot put stazi

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    Since Dec 27, 2005
    I'm quite surprised nobody's mentioned Digital Soundboy. They often do nights, have a solid brand and their releases are always done well (inner sleeve, good artwork, big tunes).

    But clearly, going off success outside of the usual realms of dnb (which is led by Ram imo), Hospital are the best. Their marketing machine is a beast.

    Are there ever Tilt / T-FREE nights (In the UK?!) ?
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